Spanish Way of Sharing Fun

Spanish Way of Sharing Fun


The first floor is where it all begins. We call it Tapas & Cocktails, showcasing our main bar, cocktail bar, dining area and shop where tapas and handcrafted cocktails are served. Inspired by famous market in Spain, the interior builds such an uplifting vive when combined with music. On some occasions, you will also be serenaded with live music. Thus, complementing every detail will create the most comforting atmosphere for you.

Don’t miss out on the tapas, as they said. So, what is tapas actually? Many people would ask about it. When it comes to tapas, it is more than just about the food, it’s a Spanish tradition. It’s when you hang out and have a good time with your friends over some great foods and cocktails. So, when people say, “Shall we go for tapas?” now you know what that actually means. ALTORO’s Tapas & Cocktails is a great option for tapas where we create such atmosphere that is comfortable and full of surprises. Come and taste our tapas and discover the Spanish way of sharing fun.

Enjoy tapas menu with your friends

This is where you can have farm-to-table dining experience served in Spanish way.


In ALTORO, we have two ways of serving Tapas. You can enjoy all of our main course in the first floor as a Tapas, or you can also have a small bite of Tapas in the main bar area.

La ensaladilla

Traditional potato salad with tuna, boiled egg, carrot and mayonnaise

Pulpo a la brasa con cremoso de patata

Grilled octopus with paprika oil and creamy mashed potato

Croquetas de pollo al curry

Curry chicken croquettes

Huevos rotos con chorizo

Slow-cooked potato dish topped with chorizo and sunny side up


Selection of cured Iberian meat dishes served with bread, fresh tomatoes and olive oil dressing.

Jamón Ibérico

Spanish Iberian cured ham


Cured smoked beef

Mixta de embutidos bodega

Assortment platter of cured ham, cured smoked beef, marinated pork loin, spicy chorizo and Catalan fuet

Mixta de quesos

Assortment of European cheese


Spanish salads, ranging from classic salads to the more complex and flavorful ones.

Ensalada de pato marinado y frutos secos

Cured duck salad with mix mezclun, apricots, prunes and walnuts

Ensalada de espinacas y panceta

Baby spinach salad served with pork bacon, fresh mozzarella and pine nut

Ensalada verde de kale y brócoli

Mediterranean green salad with kale, broccoli, goat cheese and walnut

Ensalada de la casa

Mix mezclun, chicken lollipops and parmesan cheese


Brunch menu is your late morning dining option. Available every day until 5PM. Complimentary tea or mineral water are provided.


Baguette with grilled chorizo and chimichurri sauce

Bocadillo Catalana

Ciabatta bread with cured ham, fresh tomato and olive oil


Spanish traditional cold soup

Hamburguesa de wagyu

Wagyu patty with beef bacon, melted cheese, gerkin, onion, tomato and sunny side up


Tosta : cristal bread. Coca : Valencian bread.

Tosta Mallorquina

Tosta topped with sobrasada, cheese, onion and honey

Tosta 4 Quesos

Tosta with 4 different cheese, beef bacon, mushroom, quail eggs and truffle oil

Coca de Xàbia

Coca with grilled vegetables on top

Coca Ibérica

Coca with mozzarella, smoked cured beef and cherry tomato


Flamenquín andaluz

Stuffed chicken breast with smoked beef and cheese, served with salad and French fries

Presa de Wagyu

300 gr Spanish premium cut Wagyu beef served with panadera potatoes and salad

Costillas de cerdo al horno

Slow cooked pork ribs served with potato wedges and salad

Lomo de atún marinado

Pan-seared marinated tuna loin served with vegetable tempura


Churros con chocolate

Authentic Spanish churros with chocolate dip

Las natillas

Classic Spanish natilla served in vanilla & chocolate flavors

Tarta tatin

Upside-down apple tart with cinnamon, served with vanilla ice cream

Tarta de Santiago

Traditional almond cake topped with icing sugar and ice cream

Chocolate coulant

Altoro's style chocolate lava cake